Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HOPE vs. Expectations

Look at this picture and tell me what do you think about this picture.

From www.answers.com, "To expect is to look forward to the likely occurrence or appearance of someone or something:
What are HOPES?
From www.answers.com again, "To look forward to with confidence or expectation"
But if you were to ask MY own version of HOPE and EXPECTATIONS, this is it..
Chelle's own version of:
Expectation: The act/practice/behaviour of waiting with sheer anticipation for something to happen/someone to appear, while having the image of what they are expecting to receive/see/etc
Hope: The act/practice/behaviour of putting both hands together, pray to God for something nice to happen, without having the mental image of what they want, but leave it to fate to decide what happens next.
Expectation: You are already expecting something. With the mental image of what you want, you have unconsciously geared yourself to wait for the expected 'mental image' thing to happen/appear/occur.
Hope: You really wish and pray something would happen. But you don't put your soul into it and expect, but you just wish that the something that happens would turn out to be in line with your belief, hope. Without the mental image, you do not have a specific target of what you want, as long as it can achieve what you have hoped for.
Pros and Cons
Expectation: It is too narrowly focused into what YOU EXPECT and WANT that you have the thought that you already know what you want. So, if things turn out to be the way you have expected, you would seem oblivious to whatever that happened because you expected it. When things turn out to be better that what you expect, then its considered WOW. But if it ever happens to come out to be of a lower/less than expected quality as compared to your mental image, you would have been DISAPPOINTED.
Hope: Beauty of HOPE is that, you do not expect something. You just let things happen the way it should happen. Without expectation, you do not have the mental image of what you want. And when things happen and it meets your criteria, no matter how it happens, you would be happy with the results. No disappointment suffered because you have already achieved what you want.
In my own opinion, i would really want to live my life equipped with HOPE. Although Hope would sometimes compromise the quality/standard of our work, and it sometimes would be a major deterrent to us human from achieving better results, Hope teaches us humans to lower our expectations about something so that we could live our lives in a happier manner.
Expectations are good, no doubt. But Expectations, when it comes excessively, would cause human to grumble, discontentment ensues, unhappiness would then prevail. Because of our lack of ability to allow things to happen naturally because we are afraid that we cannot achieve whatever we want to achieve, we would soon be reduced to exhaustion...
If we could balance Expectation and Hope together, we can overcome many things in life. But, if given only ONE choice, which would you choose?
And yes, saw the picture above? Any guesses or any comments on the picture?
And YEAH, its a test... Post your answer and accompanying questions on the picture and i will answer accordingly to your answer and question. Just make a wild guess and substantiate your answers....

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